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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. we're back now with more of tod "today" on a monday morning, the 5th day of july, 2010. and like so many other areas of the country, new york city with a brewing heat wave. humidity hasn't crept in yet. anyway, it didn't stop these fine people from joining us here on rockefeller plaza. you're invited anytime you're in the neighborhood to stop by. i'm lester holt with amy robach and the rest of the gang taking the day off. we'll get an update on the murder of an aspiring actress that sent shock waves through an affluent neighborhood in santa
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monica, california. a woman has been charged with the murder and in a very strange twist she may have done it for hire. we'll have the latest on that story. >> all right. also on "today's money," thinking about refinancing? finance rates are at record lows but refinancing or buying a new home right now might not be right for everyone so we brought in our financial experts to go over the pros and the cons. >> plus, controversy in sports is nothing new but the latest beef, the latest beef involves major league eating. that's what they call it. joey "jew jaws" chestnut took home the mustard colored belt for the fourth year in a row. take a look at what happened. former champion was arrested after storming the stage. we're going to talk to joey chestnut about his win and the little ruckus that followed. all right. and later, older women and the younger men who love them. we're going to advice ate cougar convention and find out why these relationships work and how with the help of celebrity marriages like ashton and demi.
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>> they have their own convention? >> yes, they do. >> first, peter alexander is in for ann. amy and lester, good morning to you. good morning to you at home this holiday weekend. spectators were in critical condition overnight following an accident in bellevue, iowa, sunday, that left a 60-year-old woman dead. officials said two horses stampeded from that parade route. they ran into the crowd trampling more than 20 people. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused an air ambulance to crash early sunday while trying an emergency landing in west texas. that crash killed the pilot and two nurses as well as an elderly patient and his wife. the twin engine cessna hit a rut in a muddy field and turned over and burned. the cleanup and damage claims from the massive bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico cost the oil giant just over $3 billion just so far. cleanup is continuing along the louisiana coast but for at least the next few days the choppy
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seas in the gulf will prevent skimmers from collecting oil along the coast of alabama, mississippi, and florida. temperatures along the eastern seaboard will be near 100 degrees again today as the holiday heat wave that already baked a lot of this country continues into this week. nbc's kevin tibbles now with more from chicago. >> reporter: it's sweltering across much of the country and in the northeast the mercury is heading straight up. at cape may, new jersey, shade and umbrellas ruled the day. and in new york whether you've got two legs or four, you've got to stay cool. >> some suntan lotion. this guy likes it, too. and we're set. working on our tan. >> reporter: independence day weekend in ocean city, maryland, means the freedom to hit the beach. >> i come to the beach when it's hot so i can meet some cute boys. >> there's girls here. >> reporter: temperatures throughout the northeast are predicted to climb steadily as the hot, dry air hunkers down making some places feel more
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like the desert. here in the midwest cities like chicago have been enjoying this hot, dry, holiday weather. forecasters say it's about to change. a band of heavy thunderstorms is expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain with residents in some places being warned of localized flooding. but the northeast will swelter. some love it. in stone harbor, new jersey, they slathered on the sunscreen and built sand castles. some built their own ski ball machine. >> people like it and they're actually playing it. >> reporter: for some, though, it's just too darned hot. stay hydrated, my friends. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. got to love that ski ball machine. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the republic of georgia. it's the last stop on her five-day visit to eastern europe. she said today the u.s. is concerned about russia's construction of permanent military bases in two rebel
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regions of georgia, and she pleaded -- excuse me, pledged american support to georgia. vice president joe biden met with iraq's president today in baghdad. biden is urging rival iraqi politicians to end months of delays and select new leaders for their shaky democracy. on sunday he predicted a peaceful transition of power even as suicide bombers struck government centers in two major cities. four people were killed, 25 others injured. general david petraeus is now formally in command of the u.s. and anywnato forces in afghanistan. petraeus took over sunday explaining the importance of showing the afghan people and the world that al qaeda would not be allowed to launch attacks on the u.s. or any other countries. today pakistan's president called on political parties and religious leaders to help fight a wave of suicide bombers. this morning government forces killed three suicide bombers before they were able to detonate their devices.
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a fourth bomb did go off. remembering a revolution. skies across america were full of red, white and blue on the fourth of july. one of the best fireworks show was way out best in seattle. this huge display is called the family fourth celebration. they had thousands of people in awe for more than 20 minutes. that's gorgeous. and "twilight" was gleaming at the box office. "eclipse" was the box office champ taking in $69 million. another new release "the last air bender" followed in second. "toy story 3" slipped into the number three spot. it is now just six minutes after the hour. we'll head back outside to amy. are the girls "twilight" fans or "toy story 3"? >> i'll find out. they haven't seen either day. today is a good day to go to the movies because it's so hot in the northeast. speaking of the weather, to the weather channel's scott williams for another check of the weather out on the plaza. scott? good morning there, amy. certainly we are in the midst of a heat wave here in new york
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city. yesterday, central park, 96 degrees. the mercury will climb even closer to that century mark in the days to come. 99 degrees today. a break in the heat and humidity the latter part of the week. 97 for you in the nation's c capital. that big area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern for the mid-atlantic into the northeast. ve dumping heavy rain in the to upper midwest. temperat >> we are off to a quiet start on this monday. it will be a hot day. highs in thee move into las vegas, nevada.
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and that's a look at the weather. lester, back inside to you. scott, thanks. now to a surprising twist in the murder of an aspiring actress in california. she was killed two years ago but finally there's been an arrest in the case. jeff rossen has details. >> hi, lester, good morning. this girl moved to l.a. to make it big, to be a star. instead she was killed inside her own apartment two years ago. who would do it and why? it was a complete mystery. but this morning a woman is under arrest and published reports say she may have been hired to kill. >> reporter: at first julianna redding had nothing more than a few modeling photos, a beautiful face, in a town full of beautiful faces. but soon she'd land the role in a small hollywood movie. >> all the denim you're wearing. >> reporter: at only 21 years old things were looking up. police say her real life played out like an on screen murder
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mystery n. march of 2008 she was assaulted and murdered inside her own apartment in this expensive section of santa monica. >> she called me every so often and she was very lonely and scared being in her apartment. >> reporter: julianna once featured as one of "maxim" magazine's hometown hotties was dead after two years and thousands of hours investigating, police say they finally have the killer, a woman. it was reportedly a murder for hire. prosecutors have charged kelly supar with first-degree murder. according to the "l.a. times" she received cash payments, $250,000 just weeks before the murder, and another payment just this month, over $113,000. the money came from her boss, a business associate of julianna's father. was julianna killed as revenge for a business deal gone bad?
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>> prosecutors said that this business deal broke down just days before the killing. >> reporter: police won't confirm details of the plot but told me kelly supar had help. >> we may have additional suspects. >> reporter: so there may be other people involved in this? >> correct. >> reporter: biting her lip and fighting back tears, she sat silent. she may be a cold-blooded contract killer. >> if it's true this woman was involved in this crime, that she was hired as a hitwoman, very unusual. women do softer crimes, smotherring, poisoning, and do it on their own. >> reporter: whatever happened in a town where success is everything, julianna redding came so close. >> i don't really want to do it. >> all around folks have said this is a huge tragedy, a young woman was cut down in her prime and it's still unclear why. >> reporter: this case is shrouded in secrecy.
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police are even keeping how she was killed under wraps. there's another hearing set for this week where prosecutors could start laying out their case revealing even more did i details in this bizarre crime. lester? >> jeff rossen, thanks very much. there's much more to come on "today" including stress on dads balancing work and taking on a bigger role in parenting at home. up next with the rates and record lows, is now a good time to refinance or buy a new home? hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia [ female announcer ] maybe the biggest surprise about remodeling your kitchen
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now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. this morning on "today's money" enticing mortgage rates. they're at record lows so you might be wondering if now is the right time to refinance or to buy a house. we brought in the experts to break it down for you. sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent and brandi is featured on hgtv's "designed to sell."
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this important for new home buyers to get preapproved. you say you wouldn't even take a couple or a person around unless they've been preapproved. >> a lot of people get on line and think they know what their buying person is. until you've spoken to a lender, it's imperative. you want to talk to somebody who has been referred to you by a family member or a co-worker, even your realtor because at the end of the day you have to look out for your best interests. >> i heard it was 2 1/2 times your salary. is that the basic math equation or you're wincing so no. >> you're the finance expert but i wouldn't say 2 1/2 times. i would even say three or four times. you need to have at least six to 12 months reserves in the bank and that's not just for the loan, taxes, and insurance. >> that's the biggest problem a lot of people don't ubdz when they get into a home all of the costs that are required for maintenance beyond what you use on those calculators. they don't tell you something might happen to the water heater or how much to keep it landscaped like the beautiful home you were looking at.
9:16 am
all of these things cost money. >> and it's so enticing, though, with these mortgage rates as low as they are. what is the threshold for refinancing? what makes it worth your while? >> it makes it worth your while usually if you can shave off half a percent, three-quarters of a percent. the rule was 2%. to look into it you might want to do it even if you can shave off half a percent or so. >> it would save you how much? >> well, of course it depends on how much your mortgage is right now but you could save a couple hundred a month, it could be a significant amount of savings. the thing you have to think about when you are refinancing is that you're getting into another loan term f. you're refinancing to a 30-year fixed rate loan, refinance into a fixed rate loan because they are so low right now. you're going to extend that another 30 years. do you really want to do that? the other thing to think about is getting into a shorter term, like a 15-year loan, and that way, yes, you'll be paying more per month but you won't pay as
9:17 am
much interest. >> are there costs involved, closing costs? >> always costs involved. there are always costs involved and those closing costs you have to think about that. look at the pros and cons of how much those are. you have to look at that break even point. how much are you going to be saving per month but how long it's going to take you to recoop the costs. >> and meet with two or three different people. some people are rate driven but they do need to look at all the costs involved to make sure they're getting the best deal. >> some people are all too eager but they're not remembering it's important to have that 6 to 12 months in the bank. why is that important, especially if you're buying a home, problems can come up. >> to be honest, not only is the housing market volatile, so is the job market and heaven forbid something happens, you want that cushion in your account until you can get into your next job. >> that's why people are looking at these rates, i have to do
9:18 am
something. the lender is saying i'm not too sure i'm going to extend this loan because we're not sure about the job market, you've lost a full-time job, you're consulting now, you don't have the steady income. it can be very difficult to actually qualify particularly trying to buy a home right now, to get into a new loan. >> sharon, this is a big problem, unfortunately, for a lot of home eveners. they found their houses -- they own more than they're worth or having trouble paying their mortgages. what is your advice to those folks? >> those folks under water on their mortgage may think i can't even bother refinancing because i don't have any equity in my home and that's not entirely true. if you have a fannie or freddie loan, you can have a loan evaluation of 125% so it is possible to be under water and still refinance. you just have to check out what the conforming loan limits are in your area. >> all right. certainly good advice for people who have a lot of questions about the housing market these days.
9:19 am
thanks so much. we appreciate it. still to come, when a man who is much younger loves a woman who is much older. it used to raise eyebrows but, you know what, mott anymore. we're going to take you to a cougar convention and find out why it seems to work even if you're not demi moore or ashton kutcher. but up next, he's top dog in the hot dog eating world. the winner of the coney island hot dog eating contest. ♪ makeovers and the attention they bring ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike some regular conditioners that just work on the surface, new dove intensive repair with fiber actives also helps reconstruct hair from the inside and leaves it beautiful on the outside. ♪ new dove intensive repair. keep on doing your favorite things and let dove take care of the damage. keep on doing your favorite things have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes,
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9:23 am
eating contest in coney island yesterday, scarfed down 54 hot dogs in ten minutes for his fourth win in a row and it really ticked off former champion takeru kobayashi who did not compete due to a dispute with major league eating officials. kobi stormed the stage and was arrested. joey, aside from that, congratulations. great to have you here. dude, you ate that many hot dogs. >> easy. >> what's the deal -- i don't want to know the full deal afterwards but is there a food hangover? >> just like anybody, hitting the pepto. >> is it like a drinking binge? >> a little lethargic yesterday. now i'm feeling better and trying to recover. >> do you eat hot dogs at any point any time of the year? i would think this would be enough for the year? >> i love hot dogs. at a baseball game, i eat some hot dogs. >> just one? >> a couple with some good condimen condiments. >> i have lunch. it's on me. there were 57.
9:24 am
>> i thought it looked light. >> the kobayashi scandal, you didn't see the arrest happen, but what do you think of it? >> it's all kind of weird. i have a lot of respect for the guy. he pushes me to an amazing limit. i think he needs to get his stuff together. >> he raises your game, as you've described it. >> yeah. >> what's it like? it's one thing to eat all the hot dogs in the privacy of your own home but in front of 40,000 people and millions watching on tv, are you self-conscious about the chewing? >> that's the hardest part. i'm a shy guy and nobody eats like this in front of people, so it just took me a while. >> your mom didn't want you to eat that? >> my mom saw me eat like that at home she would yell at me. >> have you eaten since? >> a little bit of spinach salad yesterday. >> how old are you. >> i'm 26. >> and what are you 180 -- >> 215. >> okay. but you look in fairly good shape. >> i run, i really monitor what i'm eating. >> except the hot dogs.
9:25 am
congratulations. we know you love to eat. thanks so much for joining us and congrats on your victory. still ahead on "today" older women and younger men. we go to a cougar convention. >> and how modern day dads are balancing work. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice
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a slight difference in my digestion. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. >> good morning. it is 9:26. we have a look at our top stories this morning. another heat wave is on the way. baltimore city has already issued a code red heat alert for the week. health officials suggest that you say in as much as possible. drink plenty of fluids and try to stay in the shade. state health officials say that there have been six heat related deaths this year. the annual fireworks show at the inner harbor is being touted as a peaceful success. the fireworks display drew a
9:27 am
huge crowd and was timed to music. city leaders vowed that it would be one of the safest. hundreds of officers were joined from other state agencies to ensure safety. some families came up with creative ways to pass the time while waiting for the show. early numbers show that this year's attendance were passed that of 2009 but no incidents reported. gov. martin o'malley is expected to receive a special honor today, named as america's greatest education governor. it will be presented to him at the annual meeting in new orleans. presented the governor's who have made statewide efforts to improve public education. now, let's take a look at the forecast with tony. >> good morning, everyone. it will be another hot day. humidity is still not that bad,
9:28 am
some good news. we will not be calculating a heat index. lots of pollution trapped in this stagnant air mass. tomorrow, wednesday, humidity starts to rise. the heat index will be around 105 degrees. it should cool off by the time we hit next weekend. >> good to hear. we will have another update at 9:55.
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♪ baby there's no other superstar you know ♪ ♪ paparazzi that is the always provocative rock lady gaga. she is the first living person to have 10 million fans on facebook. if you're one of them, well, you should tune in this friday when lady gaga takes center stage live right here on the plaza and our summer concert series. we're all looking forward to seeing what surprises she has in store. wardrobe wise probably. that's friday on "today." welcome back, everyone. i'm amy robach along with lester holt and peter alexander. the rest of the gang has the day off taking an extended holiday
9:31 am
weekend off. coming up in this half hour seeing an older woman with a younger man apparently no longer raises eyebrows like it did decades ago and as proof of that we're taking you to the second annual cougar convention where such romances are no longer considered, dare we say it, unconventional. also ahead, do working dads have it as tough as working moms? frazzled fathers are taking on a b bigger role in child rearing at home. trying to juggle a career. we'll have tips on managing d daddy stress. >> and a new take on barbecue chicken sliders to grilled sweet corn with lime zest and shaved parmesan cheese. sara gore who we introduced dug the tease as a cougar -- that was not the case. how to zip up your barbecue with a twist on classic recipes and they are no sweat to make. first, al is off so here is the weather channel's scott williams. he has a final check of the weather for us and it's hot
9:32 am
here. >> things are heating up in the kitchen and certainly heating up again from the mid-atlantic into the northeast. we are talking about cooling centers being open today in new york city. dial 311 for more information on where they will be located. 99 degrees in central park. 97 for you in d.c. as we move around memphis, hot as well. the middle of the country watching that frontal boundary, it will get stuck there today and tomorrow looking for heavy rainfall. continued hot, though, in parts of the southeast and northeast for your tuesday and parts of >> expects a hot day today. humidity will not be that bad. air
9:33 am
and that's a look at your weather. stay cool. lesser? >> scott, thanks. up next, older women and the men who love them. we head to a cougar convention. [ female announcer ] does your smooth pass the second day test? or does frizz make you start all over? get ready for a revolution. the new pantene. frizzy to smooth system. medium to thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture. so we customized a pro-v system that in test, outlasts the frizz point. the results? smooth stays into the second day. put it to the test. frizzy to smooth from new pantene. healthy makes it happen. the pantene re-invention is here. introducing the new pantene custom solutions. with options for your unique hair structure. thick, fine, curly or color. to make the hair you love, last and last. put it to the test. find your new pantene.
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a relationship between an older woman and a much younger man used to be slightly taboo, but now there is a national convention to help so-called cougars look for their younger mate. john yang checked it out. >> reporter: take a hotel ballroom on a saturday night and older women who like younger men
9:37 am
and younger men who like older women, mix in music -- ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> reporter: -- alcohol, stir and look out. welcome to the second national cougar convention. the man behind it is rich goss. >> people are beating down our doors, hundreds and hundreds of people coming to these parties. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. >> reporter: in 1969 when "the graduate" depicted the shocking affair between ann bancroft and d dustin hoffman's characters, cougar just meant a mountain lion. now celebrity romances have pushed relationships between older women and younger men called cubs out of the closet and into the mainstream. >> demi moore when she married ashton kutcher, 15 years younger, madonna has dated a lot of cubs. >> reporter: and they're a staple of tv shows and movies like "sex in the city." >> want to join me?
9:38 am
>> reporter: at the convention there was a place to buy accessories. this is what the body naturally sends out. >> what the body naturally sends out to draw people in. >> it gives you that happy love feeling. >> reporter: cougars are loud and proud like helene. >> everyone should want to be a cougar. it's flattering. >> reporter: generally defined as women over 40 who are attracted to men under 40. do you consider yourself a cougar? >> i didn't think that i was but i keep forgetting that i'm 45 and i keep thinking i'm still 36. >> you know what, i've dated guys 25 years my junior but they didn't know it. >> you smell wonderful. >> thank you. >> reporter: and what about the cubs? why are you here tonight? >> i just like older women. when i was 22, i started dating this 45 ye-year-old woman and i was one of the best relationships of my life. >> reporter: what do you think about you being called a cub? >> i'm young, so i like being called a cub. i don't have a problem with it.
9:39 am
>> reporter: a wild world of cougars and cubs where everyone is on the hunt. for "today," john yang, nbc news, chicago. all right. coming up next, the added stress on dads trying to balance work life with the greater role at home. i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget. wow! the price gun. ♪ ah! wish we had this. we'd just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance! m? he hey! it's an office party! the freedom to name your price. only from progressive. call or click today.
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this morning on "today's family" daddy stress. today's dads are different than even a decade or two ago. they're taking a more active role in raising their children and balancing that with a career. >> these new fathers face a subtle buy sut work place. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is something women have been dealing with, balancing work with being a parent. imagine finding themselves in the situation but why is it harder for fathers in the work place? >> i think because for many reasons. one is that dads are not used to being confined in one place. they're not used to being in the home and it's a lot of work. they're realizing that once they are doing the hands-on work it's a lot of emotional and it's a lot of mental work and physical work. so i think it's a lot of stuff
9:44 am
hitting them at once. it's different. >> we all accept that two career couples are becoming the norm, but we still have the societal perception of the leave it to beaver. >> it just doesn't feel right for dad changing the diaper while mom comes home with the briefcase. that's the way it has to be economically and sometimes it works for families. it's different things that work for families. >> are dads in the work place treated differently than moms? >> i think that's true but i'm not sure dads don't feel different because their mind and heart may be somewhat at home. i think it's important for dads to know what they want from their job and what they need from their job and to know what they want and need from parenting and when they can understand that better, they can set up work to work better for them. >> at the root of this is the traditional role of the husband, the father as the caretaker. now he's doing the dental appointments, doctor appointments, soccer practice as well. but does he admit it when he
9:45 am
needs to leave the office? >> dad needs to admit it. that's the embracing of the role, enjoy it, love it, and show people you love it and it's not demeaning work and you actually love being part of your family not just bringing home money. >> a lot of women actually relish the role of being able to balance it all and being able to be the mom and be the person who goes and gets some money as well, contributes to the household. how is this helping or hurting to share roles that were traditionally just for the women? >> let's hope it will help marriages but sometimes there is that competitive parenting thing and that was my job duty and now you're taking it. >> and you're not doing it as good as me, by the way, right? >> you don't have that did he have nigs of a role. it's important to come into the middle, build on what's good and strong about you as a parent. don't compete. work together. be a team. >> traditionally society looks as men as not being as able, not being able to feed the kid or diaper the child as well as mom. >> and they can do it just as well. mom needs to relinquish, step
9:46 am
back, and let dad have power. she may not do it the way she expects but he'll do it. >> you have suggestions on how husbands and wives work together to co-parent and do it effectively. >> yes. >> and they begin with s.w.e. s.w.e.e.p. >> that is an acronym that means sleep, work, eating, emotional expression of yourself and, yes, that means being intimate with your partner, and that means expressing your emotion in "p," which is play. five areas that need to be in l ba. parenting begins with you, the parent. you're not solid. you're not in balance. you're not going to be a good parent. get your sleep in check for yourself, for your partner, for your family. >> conquer and divide. >> do what's good for you, what you're good at. if you're good at diapering and grocery shopping, let's support each other. >> i like your next tip, display confidence. >> that's right. >> don't show weakness. >> if you do feel weak, be honest with yourself.
9:47 am
you know what, i'm not confident in changing a diaper but teach me because i want to know how to do that better. open up. be safe to share with your partner. >> in terms of a mission, you talk about debrief. >> debrief. at the end of the day, can't feel good. talking earlier you said it's tough at the end of the day when you have your children. you're not used to it. so talk about the feelings. it's okay not to have loved it. everybody loves their children. they don't always like the exhaustion. >> it is hard work. the important thing is there is a silver lining to all of this co-parenting. >> absolutely. at the end of the day if you're not working and you're taking care of your children, that's money in the bank you'll never get back because it's time spent with your children and building a relationship. >> i don't want to bury the lead in this study. teed today's new dads are pretty good dads. >> they're wonderful dads. >> in some ways better than their predecessor. >> moms may not realize that because a lot of times moms are still psychologically connected to dad and parenting even though dad is taking care of the children, that nurturing bond with her keeps her eyes over the
9:48 am
whole process so it may not allow her to feel she's disengaged. so let go. dads can do it. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, tired of burgers and dogs? we have flavors to spice up your grill.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ this morning in "today's kitchen" fourth of july festivities may be behind us, but summer barbecues are in full swing. >> our chef sara gore is here with some fun and simple barbecue ideas with a tasty twist of some classics. good to have you here. >> good morning. happy 5th of july. >> same to you. >> always a huge day in america. >> it's kind of better than the fourth of july. >> who doesn't love sliders these days? you have a twist on the traditional hamburger sliders. >> we're done with the hamburgers and hot dogs.
9:51 am
we probably ate them all weekend. this is an asian barbecued chicken slider. so we're going to make the barbecue sauce. in here i've got butter, garlic, and shallots. i'm going to add some ginger to give it a little zip, a little zest. that's kind of the different part of this barbecue sauce and then i'm going to add a little bit of jalapeno. if you like it spicy, you can add more. i think this is a teaspoon of jalapeno in this recipe. by all means, kick it up if you want to kick it up. turn that up a little bit. >> and then you have olive oil and brown sugar? >> this is rice wine vinegar. >> i was so wrong. okay. >> we'll save the olive oil for our hair conditioning. janice lieberman was talking about that before. some brown sugar and then some ketchup and then i'm going to add a little bit of hoisin. >> i wouldn't have guessed that one either. hoisin. >> i love hoisin, actually.
9:52 am
you're going to mix that up and let that cook for a little bit. we're not going to let cook it right now. >> how long would you simmer? >> until it looks like this thicker sauce here. >> what kind of chicken pieces? >> i'm using legs because on the grill it will stay more moist. >> it's darker and will be more moist. >> you can do this on the grill outside. actually i did this in my apartment and i don't have a grill. you're going to put about half of this right on the chicken. >> smells great. >> we have more over there. and then you're going to rub it in. normally i would just massage it in. and then we're going to put this in the oven -- >> do you let it marinade at all or right on the grill? >> you can let it mayrinade but it's actually warm right now so it would be weird to put a warm sauce on a cold chicken and let it sit. so we're going to move over here. this was in 375 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes and then take this and get my hot grill pan. i don't want to do the whole
9:53 am
thing on a grill pan because it would take way too long and i you don't get the sear you want. this is not right. >> there's no sizzle. >> imagine the sizzling. >> there it is. >> there we go. that was really lame. >> this is just for searing purposes. >> to get a nice trust. there we go. so you're going to sear it on both sides. and then more barbecue sauce and then again on the other side. and the good thing about this, too, when you bake it first, you're not losing a lot of the sauce so then you can add the extra sauce. so obviously sear. >> take it off and start chopping it up? >> yes. i'm going to pull it off the bone. the reason i did, you could just serve it like that. but let's say we took it off, we cooled it a bit and we picked it apart, put it in pieces and add more sauce. >> the same sauce. >> the same sauce that you didn't put on the raw chicken obviously. and then that's it. i'm going to take this back
9:54 am
here. hello, peter. >> i like to show up for dessert and the drinks. >> i heard you talking about me as a cougar. >> that was a mistake. >> let's make a slider. >> are these little dinner rolls? how do you get slider buns? >> apparently they sell them at all the stores now. >> i looked for them and can't find them. >> the good people of the "today" show got them for me. >> the slider buns. >> so you're going to put a little bit of the meat and then some shredded cheese and then we're running out of time and then some cilantro and some pickled onion and you can try that and some grilled corn with butter, parmesan cheese and lime dressing and coconut water. >> it's all good, sara. still to come on "today" "twilight's" jackson.
9:55 am
>> good morning. it is 9:55. here's a look at one of the top stories this morning. the governor is expected to receive a special honor today. the national education association is going to name him the greatest education governor. it will be presented to him at their annual meeting in new orleans. it is presented to governors who
9:56 am
have made statewide efforts to improve education. have made statewide efforts to improve education.
9:57 am
>> it will be a hot day with some good news, humidity is in the low range. forecasting high temperatures in the upper 90's this afternoon, with a code red air quality. humidity comes back tuesday and
9:58 am
wednesday, forecasting high temperatures around 100. the heat index will be around 105. cooler by next weekend. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here for 11 news at noon. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon?
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